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Wine iPhone App - Wine Shopping Guide for iPhone

Download the Free Hello Vino App (opens iTunes)

Hello Vino is a free iPhone app that provides wine recommendations when you need them most - at the store or in a restaurant. Need a wine with dinner or to give as a gift? We've got you covered. The best part - it's free!         » Download on iTunes

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Free iPhone App for Wine Pairing Guide
"Perfect for every wannabe wino out there, Hello Vino will make choosing the right wine easy."
- Megan Berry on

Hello Vino is a FREE wine iPhone app for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Whether you're looking for a wine to pair with food, enjoy on its own (by taste or flavor), or give as a gift, Hello Vino assists the beginning wine consumer with recommendations.

Download the Free Hello Vino App (opens iTunes)

iPhone App Features & Screenshots

Download the Hello Vino iPhone App

Wine Pairings & Recommendations

Hello Vino has thousands of wine pairings for meals of all kinds - from Filet Mignon to Pepperoni Pizza. There are also ethnic food and wine pairings, vegetarian options, appetizers, and desserts.

With new pairings added weekly, Hello Vino will suggest wines for upcoming holidays, including wine for Christmas dinner. You'll get specific wine brand recommendations with tasting notes, label images, ratings & reviews. Click the images below for a closer view.

Wine Recommendations for Occasions & Gifts

Hello Vino is more than just a food and wine pairing app. There are hundreds of recommendations for wine as a gift or for an occasion, so you can make an educated decision when you're picking up a bottle.

New recommendations are added weekly, so you can use Hello Vino for upcoming holidays such as wine gifts for Christmas or New Year's Eve wines. Now, you can impress your date with a little wine knowledge, and get a wine recommendation based on their taste preferences. Click the images below for a closer view.

Share Pairings & Wines on Twitter & Facebook

Hello Vino allows you to share wines with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. With a single touch, you can share a unique food and wine pairing, a wine gift idea, or even a specific brand recommendation.

With these sharing features, your social networks will be able to discover new ways to enjoy wine. You can also use this feature to remember your favorite pairings and wines. Click the images below for a closer view.

Reviews & Articles from Online Wine Writers

Hello Vino combines reviews from a wide variety of sources to help you discover amazing wines and experience wines on a whole new level.

This "Reviews" section includes wine reviews and recommendations in a mobile-friendly format, while also linking to the respective authors' web sites. You are also able to interact with the authors, share the wines, and save your favorite reviews within the app. Click the images below for a closer view.

Search for Wine Ratings & Reviews

Using Hello Vino, you can quickly search for a specific wine while you're shopping in a store or sitting in a restaurant. With both ratings and reviews from both professionals and consumers, the app will help with your wine purchasing decision.

Suppose you're curious about Las Rocas Garnacha (sometimes referred to as Grenache), and you'd like to check out the tasting notes or reviews on the wine. Simply type in the name of the wine, and click "Search". Click the images below for a closer view.

Already have a wine? Try These Food Pairings

Hello Vino's thousands of food and wine pairing combinations will give you some excellent ideas for dishes to serve along with a wine you may already have.

Suppose you have a bottle of red wine, and you're wondering what main course to serve for dinner. The Hello Vino app will provide a variety of food options that will pair with your specific bottle of wine. Click the images below for a closer view.

Mobile Wine Apps
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Download the Free Hello Vino iPhone App (opens iTunes)
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