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Hello Vino iPhone App Review

Originally blogged by Daniel Perches (Vinhos de Corte, Brazil) on June 15, 2009

To know which wine goes with a dish of pasta and red sauce, or a piece of greasy meat is not hard (and you can find that on the Internet), but when doubt goes further, for example with a soup of vegetables, it will demand more knowledge.

Hello Vino is an application that does that for you (via PRWEB). All you need to know is what you want to eat and it will return different options of wine. Besides, it offers options based on occasion, style, and country as well.

You can publish it straight to Twitter, Facebook, etc. thus solving several of our problems.

Unfortunately, this application is only available to the iPhone, in English. The owners of other mobile phones will have to consult their friends or the Internet still...

I installed it on my mobile and it is working well. I have been searching for a cool application for pairing for a while now. There, it is solved!

If you want to know more about the application, check out the manufacturer's website. You will find the link to download (via iTunes).

And, in case you did not know which wine goes with vegetable soup that I mentioned above, their suggestion is Beaujolais.

Do you know any cool applications about wines? Send them to me!


Daniel Perches

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